AC system problems and what to do?


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Question AC system problems and what to do?

Hi all, I would love to hear your input, know-how, suggestions and recommendation on the below for my house.
I have a 2010 built house, with a NORDYN/ GIBSON central AC system installed by the builder, so barely 4 year old system in a new house.
We started noticing problems with the AC not cooling really, and figured it would need a service, and we had 2 different companies come out and fill the Freon Gas and telling us there must be a leak in the system. Every time we have refilled the Freon the system cools greatly.
We have not had the leak check yet, and also both companies said we need 3x replacement parts, which are: 1x Capacitor 10mfd, 1x Capacitor 45/7.5mfd and 1x Contactor.
Now after all this, since start of 2014, we decided to get a quote from both companies for:
1) Full System Leak Check
2) And replacing 3x items above
Both companies called me/ I called them and found out, both stating and suggesting to get a new AC system installed for the house since Nordyn/ Gibson is builder grade and not quality product.
My question is here now: what to do? What are your suggestions? Since a new AC system is EXPENSIVE! $$$!
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If the system is 4 years old you most likely do not need any if those three parts. And honestly i cant believe they want to replace them. Let me guess 500 for those 3 parts which u dont need. The leak check you might need. But a simple leak check can be done by you.
A black insulation covers your freon lines. At the indoor unit cut the insulation or tear it off in front of furnace, do u feel oil? Do the same thing outside at the unit. If you feel oil then most likely have a leak in the line near where u felt oil. If no oil is present then i would suggest a freon leak test/check.
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The leak check shouldnt be more than 189. If leak is found in evap coil it should be under warranty and the company will charge u around 800 to replace it.
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I wouldn't replace a 4 year old system, that's crazy. Find a new AC company. If your system cools ok after recharge, then you don't need those 3 parts.
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Can not believe California AC company treat their customer like this. There has to be better ones. I bet if you tell them you are poor, and you can not pay anything more than $200, they won't even answer your call anymore.
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