central air shutting off


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central air shutting off

I have begun to use my central air conditioning and when I first turn it on, I get cool air. A few minutes later, it begins to blow room temperature air and the unit outside stops running leaving the blower inside running constantly. If I switch the circuit breaker off and on again, the condenser starts running again blowing cool air. One day it will act like this and the next it is just fine. Can anyone please give me an idea on what could be wrong with it? I just purchased the home and I am short on cash right now.
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Tammy, do you have a voltmeter and know how to use it? If so, there are a couple of things you can check. First, before doing anything else, have you tried replacing the batteries in the thermostat? Next, with your voltmeter set to AC volts and the thermostat calling for cooling, check the voltage between terminals R & C at the thermostat. You should read ~24VAC. If that's good, check the voltage between Y & C (again at the thermostat). Again, you should read 24VAC. If that's all good, then it's time to move outside and check voltages at the compressor/condenser (outside) unit. Before we go into that, report back what you find at the thermostat.
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It can be a little tough to measure voltage on Y and C (at the t'stat) with the thermostat on the wall or off. If it's on you can't get to the terminals. If it's off then there won't be any voltage to measure.

If you have a voltmeter and know how to use it..... you would need to check for 24vac on the two wires outside at the compressor unit. From your problem description..... it sounds like you are either low on refrigerant or a have a problem with the outside fan.
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Unfortunately, my husband doesn't have a voltimiter, now as soon as I turn it on, it trips the breaker. Not sure what is wrong now.
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An inexpensive volt meter can be purchased at the " big box " stores or Harbor Freight .


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