New ac runs 12+ hours! Help please! !


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New ac runs 12+ hours! Help please! !

I recently moved into a 950 square ft duplex. I live in Florida so its pretty hot and humid. 3 weeks ago I started having issues with my ac. It would run constantly and not drop the temp below 84 no matter if it was 70 outside..when I called my landlord she sent the maintenance man out and told me I couldn't call an ac company. The handyman topped up the freon and said I should be good to go..worked for a few days then back to the same problem..he came back on changed the fan on my outside unit and cleaned out my blower. He didnt clean my indoor coils because he said it looked fine and said the same about the worked better for 2 days then back to square my landlord gave me a new outdoor unit , it is a Goodman 1.5 ton 13 seer. Im getting cold air and air flow seems fine, the one line is cold and wet and the smaller is room temp. I have been keeping it on 75 and it has no trouble doing that at night or until about noon, after 1 it runs constantly and even goes up to 80 inside the house (set at 75)..its only been 85 outside here. Im terrified to see my power bill and I have no idea whats wrong and neither do maintenance apparently. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Im a 23 year old woman and all I know about hvac is what ive read online obsessively this week.also not sure if this helps or is a separate issue..I have an old bimetal thermostat by white Rodgers at night when the temp hovers around 75 where I have it set if I poke the face of the thermostat gently it turns off, not touching any levers or switches which I know is not normal.
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Who installed the new Goodman outdoor unit, an A/C technician or the maintenance man? The outdoor unit (compressor & condenser) needs to be matched to the indoor (evaporator) coil. If the outdoor unit and the indoor coil are improperly matched, you could run into the problem you're describing. As a side note, any work that involves handling refrigerant requires an EPA license. I'm wondering if the maintenance man is properly licensed.
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The maintenance man..not sure if he is EPA. He bought the freon before coming out, so could he do that if he wasnt? Im very frustrated with them having to keep coming out and not fixing anything so can I just buy the right coil and do it myself? I watched him check the evaporator coil when he determined it didnt look dirty so I know where its located.
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You have to have an EPA card to buy ref. It would be a good idea to upgrade the stat but I don't think that's your problem. Sounds like a leak to me.
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Measure the temp of the AC cold air come into he room, they should be at least 15 degree lower than your room temp at that time. If not, there is a problem. as mentioned, may be a freon leak....

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