Goodman Compressors?


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Goodman Compressors?

Goodman 13 SEER R22 units.....ok....good...not so good etc. What units do you like to install? Location is hot and humid Houston. I'm getting quote of around 2300 to 2500 to replace the compressor with a Goodman. I'll get the tonnage....I want to guess at 2 ton.

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try here they don't make compressors.... Goodman Compressors
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Goodman is okay but don't go for an R22 condenser.

Go for a R410a matching system - coil and condenser.

R22 is being phased out and mismatching reduces capacity and efficiency.
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Goodman uses Copeland compressors, most do. $2500? Find a different contractor. When you say compressor do you mean the whole unit?
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Yes, the entire compressor unit that sits outside. Not the coil in the attic, that will stay. Tech says we lost 2lbs Freon through leak where the large cold pipe enters the ac compressor unit.
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Go for a 14-SEER so you get a Copeland Scroll compressor; get a TXV evap-coil 410a refrigerant metering device of the proper same tonnage coil as the condenser, for better dehumidification!
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2 Ton R22 Goodman condenser, $2000 the most in Houston. Go find another contractor. If you go for a small firm, even cheaper.
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AC contractors charge so much, everybody should buy a repair manual and learn. Getting EPA license is very cheap and easy.
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Thanks folks...well situ is...the old compressor is still running. I got a 2nd free opinion from another contractor. He diagnosed a slow running fan motor that he said could cause the Freon to go up in pressure and then be forced out of the valves if they were not tight and deposit oil on the pipes. His Freon detector registered a small leak that was sealed when he tightened the valve caps. So we have a new motor. I had hit the oily cap area with engine degreaser and cleaned everywhere up before any either of the contractors had paid a visit. The first one, our contractor for 10 years said "there's oil everywhere, you need a new compressor". The second opinion contractor said he couldn't see any oil leaking but was concerned about the time the motor took to come up to speed. Anyway, she's running fine at the moment, hex cap areas are dry and residue free, no residue patches on the concrete under the pipes, so time will tell. Compressor is 22 years old so has given excellent's a Tempstar.
Thanks for your help.

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