Checking AC freon pressure, but not adding to it.

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Checking AC freon pressure, but not adding to it.

I appreciate you need to be licensed to play around with planet unfriendly Freon. But what about just checking the pressures on the units? I'm quite capable of cleaning the AC and giving it a once over. What I'd like to do is check the pressures and if low then call in the AC guy. Can I buy a pressure gauge for this task?

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Because of forum rule, we can not discuss freon charges here. If you really want to know the charges/freon, you should post your question onto other DIY site which does not have this type of restrictions.
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You don't randomly check the pressure as every time you connect the gauges you lose some of the charge.
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Why do you even need to check it? You can tell if it's working well with other measurements. This isn't like checking the oil level in your car or tire pressure. It's a sealed system, nothing should change unless you have a problem which will manifest itself with poor performance.
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