Replace Evaporator, or Whole Thing?

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Replace Evaporator, or Whole Thing?

I have a 3 ton (?) Carrier that is 13 years old.
Recently we noticed the air was not very cool.
Had a guy come out and said it was low on Freon due to leak test which was from the evaporator.

He put 6 lbs of Freon in to the tune of $450 and said it might have taken 8 but only did 6 to keep the cost down for me as he knew I didn't want to spend a lot.
He said Freon should last a life time so a leak is the only way it will ever run out.

Is it worth replacing the evaporator or should I just replace the whole unit?
I am supposing that I have the old refrigerant R410(?) and would get the new R22(?) for a new one?
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The 410a is the new refrigerant. If the outside condenser is still OK, replace just evaporator (not the whole air handler) is good enough.
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I would find a new AC guy, what he told you doesn't make any sense. I agree with Clocert.
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A second opinion is probably a good idea.

Did he search for and find a leak? The king valves on some of their condensers can leak. A filter drier, condenser coil or hot gas line are also locations that can leak.

If only the evaporator coil is leaking you might consider the SEER rating that you have, the condition of the condenser coil and the average life of a condenser.
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Did a leak test and said it was from the evaporator , main unit in basement. I guess I will consider the costly repair for that and ditch this company. He did seem like a talker and a scammer.
He stayed at the house about 2 hours to do this.
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If the outdoor unit is decent*, change the coil but make sure they properly match it to the outdoor unit - you might get another 10 years out of the system.

*If it's one of those noisy builder's 10 seer cubes, you should probably go for replacement

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