AC Fixed, but new issue.


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Question AC Fixed, but new issue.

I had to replace the motor and capacitor on my Carrier Tech 2000SS, upon doing so, I took video of every step - as a reference for reassembly. However, somehow the one of the wiring apparently did not save. To the best of my ability I remembered how the wiring was on the capacitor. Brown to Fan, Blue to HERM and the two yellows to the "C" terminal.

After putting it back together at 2pm, it runs like a charm. Then I realized it was REALLY cold in my house, 56 degrees. I realized, the AC has not stopped running, and it is now 2am. I don't think the outside unit (the one I fixed) has stopped running since I turned the breaker back on for it, when I was done fixing it. I noticed ice built up on the copper pipe leading back to the house. The only thing I can think of for now, is turning off the breaker when it gets too cold, and back on when it gets warm.

Could I have hooked the capacitor up wrong? I only replaced the motor and capacitor, what could I have affected or done wrong that makes the AC motor run continues.
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Offhand, it doesn't seem likely that a wiring error on the capacitor would make the outside unit run continuously. With the thermostat off or not calling for cooling, I would check the contactor and see if it's engaged (turned on). If so, it's possible that the contacts "stuck" in the closed position. If the contactor is open (not engaged) and the fan & compressor are still running, then it's likely a wiring error.
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Thank you very much Bob................................

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File 077... that link was a direct link to a companies site. That is considered advertising so it was removed.

That article discussed a stuck contactor. Have you looked into that ?
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Thanks Bob and PJmax

Yep, that's exactly what it was, likely, it caused the burned out motor issue too.

I "fixed" it and sanded the contacts down, that should keep it working for a few days until I get a new one.

Thank you so much for your help.

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