Air Flow Issue


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Air Flow Issue

I think I am having an air flow issue but my builder won't recognize it as an issue. I just want to see if this is a normal thing or if I should pursue this and get it fixed.

I have 3 bedrooms upstairs which includes the master. With the master bedroom vent opened completely, the other 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms get absolutely no air. In order for them to get air, I have to nearly close the flaps in the master bedroom and half close all the other flaps as was suggested by my builder. The master bedroom is the first vent the air gets to and is the biggest vent of them all.

Is this normal?

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No, it's not normal. There are standards of airflow based on room size and other factors. Every HVAC tech I've ever dealt with knows there are simple tests to see if it is operating as designed. You can't gauge air flow by feel. They make little hand held meters (kinda looks like a computer fan) that you hold in front of the register and it tells you the CFM. If they aren't using that, they don't know what they are actually getting. Another big factor is air temp. A simple thermometer will tell.

Sometimes dampers need to be installed in the lines to direct airflow where it needs to go, though normally that can be done with correct sizing and number of ducts.

Sounds like they went "rule of thumb" instead of installing a properly designed system.

One thing you haven't mentioned is size of your A/C unit or house and how many return ducts you have.

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Awesome, I just wanted to see if I was the crazy one or not. The house is 2200 sqft and the upstairs has 5-6 (I forgot exactly) air ducts with 2 return vents. It's a single unit that has one of those automatic switches that will cool the upstairs and downstairs separately.

The builder called out the unit's manufacturer to check to see if anything was pinched off in the attic and that was about all they did. (They didn't find anything wrong with the attic work.)

Thank you for the quick reply!
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That is a zoned system & may not be functioning correctly; it needs to be thoroughly checked by zone experts!

A properly design-engineered duct system should deliver balanced airflow to all the rooms served by the zone, or when zones are not used.

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