Help identifying problem?

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Help identifying problem?

I have a Carrier - Model 25HBA336A320 I believe its a 3 ton system. Temp outside will be 93 degrees or so, inside the house will be upper 80s or 90 degrees genuinely no cooling as far as I can tell. We had a power outage, and apparently that lead to a blown capacitor, fan wouldn't start until I replaced it. No problem there, everything was running now except the house wasn't being cooled anymore. I have had two people come out to check it out, and the first guy added refrigerant, and before he left, he checked the evaporator coils I think, said they weren't getting cold and it still isn't going to cool the house, maybe its a short somewhere but he won't have time to fix it anytime soon, and was nice enough to give us our money back (he was recommended by somebody he only does HVAC stuff part time). We call a company out and he says he thinks its overcharged, and honestly he has named about 10 things he "thinks it is" and then it doesn't fix it, simple things like dirty filter and simple stuff we have already checked. He arrived in an unmarked vehicle, had us do basic math for him (%10 percent of 45 and then difference of 45 and 4.5, also asked difference in 240 and 233, because our line was pulling 233 and he was saying that 7 volt difference could be the cause, when the system itself says 208/230 volts ac) and seemed to mope around most of the time. The system will turn on when you set it to cool, fan and compressor. Then after the compressor runs for a few minutes the compressor will shut off. During the first 15 seconds or so of the compressor running the refrigerant line gets cold for a bit then goes back to the not cool temperature. I was under the impression the line should be cold when properly functioning. Nothing sounds strange enough that either guys who looked at the system mentioned anything, and it doesn't sound strange to me either.

So this second guy, the things he has tried is taking some refrigerant out of our system, and he has tried running a water hose on the compressor to keep it cool in case its overheating, he came back for the third time today and has according to my wife (I was at work) checked the compressor, and said some things about the "reversing valve being blown" and that they can replace them, but their company doesn't like doing that as it doesn't ensure a guaranteed fix and is difficult. So they are suggesting we buy an entirely new system inside and out. I can't help but be suspicious of this, because when he talked to her about this, he mentioned something about the compressor making rattling noises so you know its something bad with the compressor as well and it needs to be replaced (the driving point to replace everything). Which if that were the case, wouldn't you think the first guy would have picked up on it, or he picked up on it himself on day 1 or 2? I'm going to get another guy come out and see what he thinks.

One thing I have read online that I might try checking is seeing if the reversing valve is stuck, wouldn't hurt to try the magnet trick on that. My question for identifying the problem on my system though is, everything runs, air flow is ok, no dirty filters, no dirty evap or condenser coils, fins are not bent or dirty on the outside unit, nothing constricts air flow anywhere that I know of and no ice anywhere. So all the basic check list stuff you find online is completely covered. The only thing I can really emphasize as something that seems wrong, is that when it goes to cool and the compressor turns on, the line gets cold and then back to room temperature, and eventually the compressor turns off for a bit after a few minutes while the fan naturally continues to go except no cool air in the house, air comes out around 80 degrees. Any suggestions on where to look? Or missing information I need to include for more thorough help?
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Welcome to the forums.

An awful lot of reading here.

You said the compressor or compressor and fan started but only ran for 15 seconds.
That's what needs to be diagnosed.

It could be low on charge.... cycling on low pressure.
It could be overcharged and cycling on high pressure.
You could have a contactor issue.

If it's just the compressor shutting down then maybe the fan isn't running at correct speed or in correct direction.
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I'm sorry, the compressor and fan both turn on, and the compressor stays on for a good 5 minutes, the refrigerant line gets cold for about 15 seconds, then goes to normal temperature. That only happens at the compressors start up, no noise differences, compressor and fan continues to run. The compressor stops after 5 minutes or so, eventually to turn back on. Fan continues to run without stopping.

Edit: You said fan in the correct direction, air blows upwards, I don't think that's it, but its worth looking at when I get home in a few hours, as I did take the fan off once or twice. I didn't realize that was possible.
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I recommend calling out a factory authorized Carrier dealer to service your unit.
You can call 1-800-Carrier for a list of recommendations in your area.

I wouldn't allow either of those techs back.

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