Keystone A/C window unit back vent question


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Keystone A/C window unit back vent question

I have (hopefully) a simple question about my window unit. The unit is a Keystone KSTAW06A. I bought it from Amazon 2 years ago (this is the exact one I got though the top of the unit looks a little different from mine. updated? But there's something I've been wondering about.

A/C units I've had in the past always had a vent/fan mode where it would turn off the A/C and draw in outside air. Well, through the louvres of the front my unit, I can see through to the back vent. But the back vent is covered with a loose thin layer of styrofoamish stuff just sorta laid in there. The manual, as I recall, was pitiful and didn't even mention it at all. But from previous window units I've had, they needed access to that back vent when you set it to just "fan" mode so they could draw in outside air. But this is completely covered with that loose strip of foam. Was I supposed to pull that out when I got the unit. Because I don't understand why there's a back vent at all if it needs to be permanently plugged up.

Anyone familiar with the unit or the situation I'm talking about? Am I nuts? (that's highly possible... it happens daily. *grin*)
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I have installed dozens of window units of this type and none of them have had the "styrofoamish" material in them as you described. I suggest that you remove it from the back vent as the unit needs to be able to exchange air. Some manufacturers include thin foam for insulating the accordion side panels that expand to fill in the space between the sides of the unit and the window.
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That's what I thought too. So, I went over there and moved a ton of stuff so I could get to it and get the screws out so I could take the face plate off.... and I'm crazy. *sigh* It's not there. There's not even a vent back there that's visible. And I'm beyond embarrassed. I'm so sorry. I have no explanation except maybe I was thinking of the air conditioner I had before. It was just always something that bothered me, always something in my mind, maybe left over from that old A/C. I dunno. I ate my crazy flakes and the guys in white coats will be here soon.

I feel like such an idiot. And I wasted your time. =(
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You'll find those discharge vents a dying breed. For the little bit of air they discharged they were just about useless and they didn't turn the compressor off so people used to be discharging cold air.

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