Portable A/C not blowing cold air suddenly

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Portable A/C not blowing cold air suddenly

I have a Haier CPN11XCJ 11,000 btu portable air conditioner that I have installed in an outbuilding. The vent hose is running through the wall to the outside. The other day, I unhooked the unit from the vent in order to take it outside to drain it, as well as clean the filter. When I brought it back in, I forgot to hook up the vent hose, and thus for about 12 hours, it ran whilst blowing hot air into the building. When I came back into the building, it was quite hot, as you can imagine. I reconnected the vent, but now I cannot get the unit to blow cold air. I can hear the compressor start and run, but no cold air. I am going to clean the coils, and see if that makes a difference. Not sure if this is related, but a couple months before all this happened, I would get water dripping from the unit. Other than that, the unit was working fine till I forgot to hook up the vent. Any ideas where to go from here?
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It could very well be dirty coils causing your issue. The dripping water you mentioned can sometimes be caused by a dirty coil. The coil can get so clogged up that the condensate water can't properly reach the drain collection area. The condensate water will then reach the dirty area of the coil and then just drip. Possibly your problem arose when you disconnected the unit to perform maintenance and the blockages in the coil hardened when you forgot to re-connect the vent hose. If these blockages harden enough the air can't pass through the coil which result in no cooling or diminished cooling. Dirty coils usually result from failing to clean or change the air filter on a regular basis. I suggest you check and clean the coil, if needed, and check the complete drain system again to see if it is actually flowing as designed.
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Welcome to the forums.

The unit is designed to evaporate most of the water from the humid air that condenses thru it.
If the air is exceptionally heavy with humidity then the the unit could drip.

If you are sure the compressor is actually running and the unit is not producing cold air then it sounds like you have lost the refrigerant charge.

If the compressor is working you should feel very warm air from the discharge hose.

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