Large amount of water in ducts

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Large amount of water in ducts

So the last few years me and my wife have been living in a relatively new mobile home as we saved to buy a house and as this final year winds down before we move everything seems to be falling apart.

Last week she tells me theirs a rise in the floor, as if the beam running through the bathroom/laundry room area is pushed up.
I crawl under the trailer and see the lining is swollen, like a bubble. Give it nudge and its a water bed like jiggle.

I proceed to cut a flap and open the area up where Im greeted by water, and pounds of soaks insulation.
I pulled out all the insulation and see my duct dripping wet like a aluminum can of soda.
My general novice interpretation of HVAC leads me to think this is the cause of my problem.

I then go into the house and look into the vents with my flashlight and see that my ducts have 1-2 inches of water in them. Checking all the ducts I see my bathroom is full, sons room, and bedroom are full while the kitchen is dry and the living room is "damp" Seems the duct area around where the blower/filter unit is located is where my problem is bad. I inspect all pipes around these areas and see no leaking from them.

I go back under and proceed to make a cut flaps and make very small holes under each vent to drain these areas. I also remove all the wet insulation surrounding these areas.

I take notice my duct work is basically a long duct running end to end. In living room tho I have 2 vents. This second vent is fed by a flexible insulated tubing that isnt under the lining but instead connects to the duct through a hole cut in the lining, swings down under the trailer and back up to the second vent...sadly this duct/tube is ripped wide up and contains soaking insulation inside. Im almost sure the weight of the water and degrading of material due to being water logged caused it to just "bust" at its curving point.

So...the vents are drained. Some minor flaps in my lining are cut (hoping I can re-insert dry insualtion into these areas and use some sort of tape to seal them) and I'm at a loss for ideas of what it is thats doing this and what my steps should be.
I see a tube running down from under my blower unit I suspect to be a drain, but I've tried to steer away just yet from getting more hands on in that area to I have some better experience insight.
I do know I have to fix that flexible tubing asap, but dont want to just yet while I might this problem may cause it to become wet again.

So suggestions? Help? Etc..
Currently very cashed strapped and want to get this situation fixed, get my very minor drain holes plugged, get some fresh insulation in their and get these flaps buttoned up before this mild weather (NJ right now 60-75 degrees) turns to a cold fall/winter.
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I would use a shop vac on the end of that drain line.
Vacuuming the primary drain pan on the evaporator coil would also be a good idea if you are careful.
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theirs a rise in the floor, as if the beam running through the bathroom/laundry room area is pushed up.
Most MHs have a 5/8" particle board subfloor which will swell if it gets wet. Depending on how bad it is you may have to cut out that section of floor and replace with plywood or OSB. It's doubtful that the floor joist has pushed up.

btw - welcome to the forums!

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