Trane Air Conditioning and Heating system


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Trane Air Conditioning and Heating system

Just purchased a Trane 16 Seer, Air Conditioning and Heating system. Cost installed was $7,500. Have been told that the price I paid was exorbitant. Tried to get Trane to give me an average retail price for the units but they refused. Would appreciate comments on an appropriate cost for the system itself. Have been told by some that $3000. would be about norm.
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Sorry, forgot details. System consists of indoor coil, Outdoor coil and compressor, and furnace. Thanks.
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"Exorbitant" for a Trane 16 SEER a/c and heating system? Whomever told you that is obviously an extremely misinformed person. Hopefully, you obtained quotes from a minimum of three competent Trane contractors who bid the job based on "apples to apples". Those quotes would have told you the "appropriate" cost. Without knowing the exact model numbers of the installed system components and what other installation factors were involved it is virtually impossible to state what an appropriate cost would be. Based on my experience with Trane installations you did not pay too much. Hopefully, others will weigh in.
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price I paid was exorbitant
For a Trane hi efficiency system ? Doesn't sound exorbitant to me either.
It's definitely more than a $3000 system.

That's why it's so important to get multiple estimates.
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I'd say you paid a fair price.
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Thanks everyone. Feel a little bit better. Model numbers were as follows: INDOOR COIL -4TXFH054CC3HHBA, AC -4TTR6049B1000AA, and Furnace TUD1C080G9H41AA. Appreciate your time and comments.

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