Carrier split A/C noises

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Carrier split A/C noises

I've got a challenge for anyone that knows their A/C units, specially the "split" kind.

I am having issues with my room's split a/c unit (carrier 42kce)

At complete random intervals, it starts making some noise, like water/pipe noises ending sometimes in a loud bang, so i keep getting waked up, sometimes as much as 5 times per night, some nights not at all.

I tried getting the unit serviced (just cleaning) and it didn't help.

The small pipe (drain) goes to the shower and seems to be working properly.

I can't feel or find water in the a/c unit. It's weird. Other than the noise, the unit is cooling just fine.

I recorded a whole night of noises and condensed the issue into a 2 minute audio file which i attach below. Never mind my ipod's alarm at the middle of the audio. Can you tell me what's wrong with my unit?

You should hear three types of noise. The first one is the "blowing/venting" noise. Then you will hear some kind of (water?) drops immediately following by a loud bang.

You can hear the short recording at

Any help would be appreciated!
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I didn't hear a loud bang but the first thing that I would check it the bearings in the fan. Is there any play in the fan? If it's belt driven, check the belt.
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I can barely hear that recording but it sounds like defrost cycle.
Is this mini split style air handler connected to a heat pump?
Is this noise occurring in heat mode?
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Welcome to the forums.

It's a little hard to hear on the recording but I think the unit is going into defrost mode.
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The first group of noises go all the way until 1:15.
Then you hear what i call "water drops" from 1:25 to 1:30
At 1:30 you hear the loud bang (and my ipod alarm) and then the cycle (first group) repeats.

I didn't have any issue recording or hearing the audio on three devices, maybe try raising your volume.

Weather in my town is about 34 celcius all year, sometimes between january and february it drops to 29-30. My a/c is set to 23 celcius, cool, high fan and i have tried setting it to medium and 26 degrees and still the noise happens, so i don't think it's going into defrost mode.

I don't use heat mode. For the one that asked about a belt, i really don't think there is one, the manual is located here

I have asked some guys and they think it's water hitting something and going back, blocking the passing of water, however i think the draining is working fine. Others said that it may be gas, not water hitting something.

On the manual i saw something regarding air purging, i don't know if it's related

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