Central air not cooling evenly.


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Central air not cooling evenly.

The ac is in the basement. Basement is nice and cold, first floor is nice and cold, second floor . the bedroom is cold but not as much as down stairs..the office on the 2nd floor is warm..the ac vent in the office is putting out a good amount of air but I'm pretty sure the return vent isn't working.

The office has 4 running computers one a server that puts out a good deal of heat.

I'm considering my options on how to cool the office.

Get its own window unit for 120?

Have someone fix the air return?

Have someone check out the entire system? What should I have them do? Charge the ac..test the ducts etc.. What is that going to cost me vs running a window a/c unit in the office?
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I take it you have a heating system where the A/C coil was added to it. This means your duct work comes out low on the walls. You are limited with a system like that and the second floor will never be as cold as the first floor or basement as the cold air will not travel up..... only down.

I have the same problem with my house. One thing you can do is to add a return up high on the second floor if you can get it thru the house.

Otherwise a small window unit in a hard-to-cool room may be your only alternative.
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As you well know, heat rises.. in addition, you have 4 space heaters (well essentially) in an upstairs room. This all sounds normal. My house has three floors. On a hot sunny day, it's entirely normal for there to be a 8 degree difference in the evening between the 1st floor and 3rd floor.

I doubt there's anything wrong with your unit, but you can get a thermometer and while the A/C has been running for some time, compare the temperature from the vent closest to the air handler to the thermostat. I'm being very general here, but if your difference is above 15, you are more than likely OK on refrigerant.

I'd recommend you run this test AND just get the window unit.

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