Outside AC unit turning off in hot weather


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Outside AC unit turning off in hot weather

At night and in the morning when the temperature outside is under 90 degrees, the AC seems to work perfectly fine. Cools and cycles appropriately. However, we are having a heat wave at the moment and the temps are over 100 degrees. Every day, between 2-4pm, when the temps are highest, the outside unit will simply shut off - fan and compressor. If it does come back on eventually, it will shut off again pretty quickly. The inside fan will stay on indefinitely since it will never reach the desired temperature. Once 7pm hits and temps go down some, it will come back on and work seemingly fine and everything will repeat the next day. Is this a sign that the compressor is overheating? Is the high pressure switch being triggered? All that said, the unit is 10 years old but never had any major problems with it and was serviced 2 years ago. Thanks in advance.
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Do you have any kind of load management device (usually installed by the power company) on the unit?
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No, there doesn't appear to be anything like that installed.
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The condenser coil should be rinsed annually.

You could be tripping a high pressure switch.
The 3/8" copper pipe to the condenser will usually get very hot when running if this is the case.

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