A/C runs all the time as outside temp rises

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A/C runs all the time as outside temp rises

I moved into a 950sq from duplex last February and have had issues with my ac ever since. I have a goodman 13 seer 1.5 ton outside unit that is Brand new. It runs constantly and cannot keep up with any outdoor temp of over 85 degrees. I live in Florida and its mid 90 today and its 82 inside my duplex..it literally runs all the time and the temp still rises...unless its night or raining. I have cleaned my blower and evaporator coil and change my filter regularly. I have also purchased a new thermostat. The one line is beer can cold and the other is warm to the touch. I cant check my duct work because its in the attic and my side of the duplex doesnt have attic access..the property manager won't let me call a hvac man they just keep sending out the same incompetent maintenance man and I'm fairly certain I know more than him about hvac and im a 24 year old woman. He says my freon levels are fine.what else could it be? Any advice or questions are appreciated im at the end of my rope. Let me also add im only getting 77 degrees into the return vent and 68 out of the supply vents and I know this isnt enough.
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How is the airflow out of the vents, does it seem "normal"? If the system is low on refrigerant, often the evaporator coil will ice up, restricting airflow. Did you pay for the new A/C unit that was installed, and when was it installed? If you paid for it and it's not working right (which apparently it isn't), you should have the right to have a technician service it. On the other hand, if the landlord paid for it, then it's his responsibility to ensure it's working correctly. Perhaps your only recourse will be to threaten to leave unless the owner/property manager resolves the problem. I agree with you that most maintenance men don't know much about HVAC, and I wouldn't expect that he could resolve the problem unless it's very simple and obvious.
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The delta-T is only 9 (77-68), that is not acceptable. Tell them you want vent air 61 or lower if your return is 77. And strong air flow is important too.
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Leaky return duct or even a heat strip energized or broken and shorted to ground could be a couple possibilities. I have found pistons in backwards by maintenance. It is not working right for sure.

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