Condenser fan capacitor question


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Condenser fan capacitor question

I replaced the Capacitor to my fan motor on the external AC unit. When I tripped the breaker back on the fan turned slowly, then gradually sped up to normal operating speed. I turned the unit off then back on with the breaker and it went straight to operating speed. Should I be concerned about the initial start up or is that normal? Thanks,
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Is it the proper capacitor and good. I have seen them bad out of the box. Also was the motor shaft free.
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Yes it was the proper capacitor. Yes the shaft was free. On a side note the fan had been off for almost a week. I was wondering if maybe it just needs to be oiled. Just thought it was odd on the initial start up to run slow and gradually speed up. But, since that point it seems to be running properly.
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Should not run slow and gradually speed up, something is not right.
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I'd keep an eye on the fan as it sounds like a replacement motor may be in your future.

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