Best way to bend copper lines off mini split. PICS

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Best way to bend copper lines off mini split. PICS

I am installing a mini split in my house. I am mounting the inside unit now and need to bend the linesets straight back. My house is brick and the wall is 16 inches from inside to outside. I would like the connection to be on the outside of the house. Given how long the copper lines are, its going to be close. What is the best way bend these straight? Can I just lift them up? Is that spiral meant to help bend?

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I guess you know the white hose / line is drain ? it has to go at the bottom of the hole you drill in the wall . The hole in the wall needs to slope down , a little to facilitate drainage .

We have installed 2 mini splits in our house . Be sure to locate any studs in the wall that may be in the way of the hole you propose to cut in the wall .

Now , to your question . Have not seen the spiral before , on MS refrigerant lines . /maybe that is to aid bending ? Do not know for sure . Be sure to insulate both refrigerant lines ! . As you can see , the drain line has some insulation on it .

Last MS we installed , I made a template of cardboard ( from the cardboard box the unit came in ) drawn to the shape and size of the back of the indoor unit . I measured the location where the group of lines need to go through the wall . Then cut a circle in the cardboard corresponding to the location and size that hole needed to be .

I positioned the cardboard template on the wall , at the exact place and height I wanted to install the indoor unit . I used a level and faintly marked the top at 2 places , with a lead pencil . Then put a strip of masking tape , connecting the marks . I also marked the location of the hole , faintly with the pencil .

I then looked for studs in the wall . Luckily , there were none at the proposed location of the hole . I then cut the hole .

Now , I used many long wood screws to mount the sheet metal " back plate " / bracket to the wall . Until I had several secured into 2 studs . Level it well .

DO NOT forget the cable that goes from the outside unit to the inside unit ! After you have the hole through the wall , take your roll of cable outside and poke the loose / free end through the hole , inside the house . Follow / read your instructions . Use at least 300 Volt cable . Some MD's send only low voltage down this cable . Some evidently also send 120 VAC down the cable ?

Terminate the cable inside the indoor unit , per the instructions . Write down the color and terminal position / number of each of the wires .

Now , to the second part of your question . Very , very , very slowely and carefully move / bend the copper lines so they will stick out the back of the indoor unit , through the hole in the wall , sloping slightly down . With the drain hose , on the bottom , I bundled the 2 copper lines , the drain hose and the cable together , with black tape . This seems to make it easier to keep everything from tangling .

You did insulate both copper lines , didn't you .

Slowly pick up the indoor unit & bundle ( lines , drain & cable ) and thread the bundle through the hole , angling slightly down . The top of my indoor unit latched to the top of the bracket & I lowered / rotated the bottom of the indoor unit down , towards the wall . Where it latched to the bottom of the bracket .

Check to see if the indoor unit was level .

At this point then inside work is pretty much finished , except for clean up . Vacuum / sweep up your mess and gather up all your tools and other " stuff " .

Time to proceed to Part II , the outdoor work .

God bless
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