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Server Room

Just a question before I actually do it. I have a server room with no windows and in the middle of the premise, meaning not next to an external wall. It is right next to another room with a window.

Can I cut the drywall leading to the other room and stick a window and window ac? I would then leave the window open in the other room. Would this give off any poisonous gas? Of course the other room will heat up.
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Not a good idea. No, it won't give off any poisonous gas, but it will drip LOTS of water from the condensation. I doubt you want this dripping on the floor of the adjacent room.

I suggest looking into portable air conditioners, specifically the two hose models. You will only need to cut 2 - 4" holes in the wall and many have a port to can attach a drain tube to for the condensation. You could run this tube through the floor, or set the unit on a box/shelf and let it drain into a jug, bucket, or to a condensate pump. Portable A/C units have reservoir but they fill up fast and the unit will shut down when it fulls up.

I don't suggest a single hose portable A/C unit because they are very inefficient.
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Why not air condition the room with the window instead? Does the house have central AC? Is there duct work in that server room? Have you tested to see what the maximum and minimum temperatures are in the server room to see if they are out of parameter?
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Is the server room door closed all the time? Is the door made of wood & does it have any louvers? How many servers are in the room? What is the usual temperature?
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Is this server room in a building ,is there a suspended ceiling in the space that is used for return air? If so there are portable units that the return air can be vented into the plenum.
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Ductless split with low ambient. This is the best way to cool it.
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You should have a dedicated system for a service room. This is due to the heat load. You need to find out how many btu's your equipment will be putting out and sizing the new equipment accordingly.

I recommend installing a ductless mini-split system such as Mitsubishi, Fujitsu or Sanyo. They
are fairly inexpensive and very reliable if installed correctly.

Good luck!
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Thank you for all the great advices! I ended up taking Tolyn Ironhand's advice with the portable ac and made some modification to the room.

Thank You again.

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