Greatly appreciate advice on hot attic needed


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Greatly appreciate advice on hot attic needed

Hi all, I own a 2 story home that is roughly ~2800 SQFT. Below are some relevant specs.

4 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs
1 Four Ton unit that cools upstairs
Every window rattles, and is single pane.
I made sure to touch up any insulation by adding more in the attic
One of my turbines is broken upstairs
I leave the AC off upstairs because no one lives up there
I don't believe there is insulation between the outside exterior siding, and interior walls.

My issues are:When I did have roommates, and left the AC on, the house wouldn't cool past 76 Degrees F

Currently with the AC off, at night the thermostat reads 95 Degrees despite it being late into the night (Around 10-11 pm)

Any suggestions or resources I can use to help insulate my attic, or remove all of this excess heat?

I heard with Central HVAC it's a bad idea for an attic fan.
I also heard that I should increase the capacity of my AC vents perhaps, maybe install a few more into each room (Each room upstairs is 13x20) This would help with cooling, but alleviate my issue with the radiant heat from the ceiling. I do believe I have ridge vents, I'm going to check first thing when I get home.

I would really love any advice you wouldn't mind sharing. I appreciate it, Thanks!
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That's hard to do in Texas, if in fact you are in Tx. I don't know why a whole house fan would be a bad idea but that's what I would do.
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Use the whole house fan to rid the house of stagnant hot air, but not in conjunction with the HVAC system. That would be counterproductive. I think once you get up in the attic and report what you see, we may have better ideas for you. Do you have insulation? How much? Ridge vents? Soffit vents that aren't clogged with insulation? Gable vents? Your turbine is an indication of no ridge vents, to me, but we will see. It is important that you have moving air in the attic, preferably from the soffit area to as high as possible on the roof....ridge vents being probably the best passive form.

Are you saying you don't think there is any insulation in your walls?? Or did I read that wrong?
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For better advice add your location to your profile.
Got the perfect storm going on there and for the most part have already ansewered your own questions.
Leaky single pane windows, so install replacement windows, most are a simple DIY job.
Check to see if you have soffit vents, no soffit vents, no form of roof ventings going to work.
You say you added insulation but what type and how much?
Recommended Levels of Insulation : ENERGY STAR
Is there any return air vents on the second floor?

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