DIY Mistubishi, dual zone mini split install from start to finish

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DIY Mistubishi, dual zone mini split install from start to finish

Hello all, this is my first post here. There are ton of forums out there, but I've decided to use this one to journal my own installation of my Mitsubishi mini split heat pump / air conditioning system install. I want to journal it, not only to help others, but for my own records so I can keep everything straight.

Am I qualified to install a mini split air conditioning system?
Not really. Am I going to learn? Yep. My plan is to do everything myself, with possibly the exception of vacuuming out the lines and turning on the refrigerant. The system comes pre-charged.

Why do I want to do the install myself?
I will save a ton of money, but that's not the main reason. The main reason is... over the last 10 years I have had multiple home improvements done to my home. Remodeling, new kitchen cabinets, electrical work, bathroom tile, kitchen tile, concrete work, and my latest and biggest is a new in-ground pool in the back yard.

Does anyone want to guess at my frustration with these people? It has been one disaster after another. Even after doing my homework and trying to choose the best people for the job, the contractors I've hired, just don't give a damn. Not ONE of them has done quality work for me, as if they were doing the work in their own house. EVERY ONE of them has tried to "dirt ball" me in some way. They cut corners, half a$$ it, and in the end, I pay for crappy workmanship. Over the last few years, I have been learning to do things myself; I'm learning a lot, and I've found that most things aren't really that difficult. It doesn't take a college degree to correctly install some 240V wire.

If you're an HVAC pro and you're reading this journal, you're probably not one of the guys who cut corners. If you're "into it" so much that you read install stuff online, then bravo to you. Maybe you can give me some tips along the way. IN fact, I would welcome the help.

If you've become a "Do it yourself-er like me, and thinking about a mini split install, then I hope I can provide some help to you. I'm pretty good with electric work and plumbing. I wired my entire pool shed and it was inspected and passed; and I have a good friend who is an HVAC pro, (but he lives out of town).

Before I get into it, my question is... am I going to get flamed for installing my own mini split? Or will this be a valuable thread that others will use for years to come?
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I don't think anybody is going to flame you. There will be some who will try and talk you out of it. For a first time installing this, be prepared to be frustrated. Most Pro's will not want to get involved in this, so choose very carefully who does the Vac and startup. Try to get your friend to do it.

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SV, I do almost everything concerning my house myself. My biggest problem these days is my health which is often the biggest stumbling block I ever encounter. Like you, I am also appalled by the work that I have had done by so-called professionals.

I DO have a background in refrigeration and HVAC work so I will be watching your posts carefully. I agree that IF you take it slow and easy and get plenty of advice from people that are not just out to make money, there are very few things that a homeowner cannot do themselves.
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Welcome to the forums.

DIY is not a blog site. People come here to ask specific questions to specific problems and expect answers. There is a section at DIY where members post their projects. DIY-post-your-projects

That aside.... you've bought or are buying a good unit. You need to look carefully into how the warranty works if you install it yourself. I'm in the process of working with customers now where manufacturers will not honor the warranty because #1 it was not bought from an "authorized" distributor or #2 it was not installed by an "authorized" dealer.

Be sure you don't get caught in this type of issue. The split units are good but they do have their share of expensive problems.

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