A/c running every 10mins


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A/c running every 10mins

Hello, new to forums and first house. We got a new a/c Honeywell thermostat. Iv noticed that the a/c unit turns on every 10mins and off for 10mins. However the desired temp is 80deg and the thermostat inside temp is 80. The ac still turns on. Is there his normal or should it wait til the inside temp goes to 82? The outside temp here is over 105deg daily.
Thanks for ur help.
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Quality thermostats have a much lower swing (the temp difference where the stat kicks in an out) as well as having a program that learns over time how quick the house cools and warms. I believe Honeywell calls it Smart Response. It's a good feature. Depending on model, you may be able to go into the programming and change the swing or turn the smart feature off, but for comfort I would recommend not.

It sounds like it is working as designed.

On hot days (my outside temps are comparable) mine will run for 15 then off for 10 (could be the other way around). Of course my rented 15 year old house was designed and built by monkeys so I have no clue as to insulation, quality of windows and doors or correct HVAC design.

You will often hear people say that A/C is most efficient when it runs constantly. It's true, but that is pretty hard to achieve in real life.
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Honeywell thermostats have relatively high CPH values (cycles per hour) in an effort to do as Gunguy suggests... keep the temperature as level as possible in your house.

Personally I don't like the frequent cycling. It's quite noticeable, costs a bit more to operate, and is harder on the equipment. I don't know which stat model you have but some will allow you to custom set the CPH value. If yours allows for this then look for a CPH option and set that a bit lower.
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At 105* outside and cycling every 10 mins, system must be way oversized.
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Thx guys. That sounds like what it's doing, and I agree it seems to frequent to me. My house is old and I'm sure the insulation isn't good. I'll look into it. I didn't see anything in the manual, I'll look when I get home
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The CPH on most honeywell thermostats is adjustable.
Some have it as a setting where you set an actual number, others you need to change the type of furnace you have.

What is the long number of the model you have.
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