problem with my AC


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problem with my AC

Hi all
since 1 week my window Ac is not cooling as expected..
I washed it but still the same
it start to make ice only in the central area of coils
when I touch the upper coils it is warm not even cold
check the photo

what could be the problem?
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You probably have a low charge (leak) or dirty filter (low airflow) At the most there should be a light coat of frost on a few coils and that's when conditions are just perfect for it to happen. You should never see ice or all coils frosted.

A thorough cleaning of the filter and coils may help, but not just a simple brushing.

You're probably looking at replacement depending on age. Is that a nameplate in the bottom of the pic? don't have to lie about your location if you have a serious question. Saudi Arabia is not Colorado.
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Thanks for reply ... I registered from smartphone I found only list of states. I didn't find KSA. And it was mandatory. I fixed it through laptop..
Yes this is nameplate.
I washed it thoroughly
I have another AC same brand no ice at all. . all coils seems to be cool.
So mostly low on freon as you said.
Is there types of freon ? Like good quality types ? Or all the same?
Thanks again
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There have been different types of refrigerant used over the years. Older A/C units used R22 refrigerant, however there are environmental concerns with R22 (freon), so it's been phased out. All newer units use R410A which is better for the environment. However, apart from not knowing what refrigerant your unit uses, most (all?) windows A/C units have a completely sealed refrigerant system. Unlike a home (split) A/C system which have "ports" that allow gauges to be connected and refrigerant added, window A/C units don't (normally) have any ports by which to recharge them. They are charged at the factory and not intended to be recharged.
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