My apology- thought this was a do it yourself forum

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It seems that what is giving this forum a "life of it's own" is people not liking being told NO!

Those seeking information feel that because others on the internet do it, everyone should and those giving information should be able to give whatever they want.
It almost sounds like there is some sense of entitlement to giving or getting this info.

For those who need it we know we are not the only forum in town and there are many specifically set up to deal with this topic.
The same goes for those who have a need to offer trade specific advice, there are many forums set up to deal with this topic.

Simply put, for some of the reasons related here, the management and moderators of these forums choose not to offer refrigeration trade specific information on a homeowner diy forum.

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I think we beat the subject to death

Can I request you close this thread.
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Thread closed per request!

I suggest we leave it be for now and treat each post regarding HVAC refrigerants on an individual basis..

Thanks all.....
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