Central AC sometimes blowing warm air


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Central AC sometimes blowing warm air


Please forgive my lack of proper terminology.

The building I live in has central AC, and my neighbors said their air is working normally. The issue started when I returned home to record breaking heat after being out of town--I noticed it took a much longer time than usual to cool my apartment down, and the unit made a strange noise then the air coming out of the vents decreased significantly. The next day, the noise and force went back to normal, but after the AC ran for a few hours, the air was warm rather than cool or cold. I noticed that if I turn the AC off (via the thermostat) for about an hour, it would push out cool (still not cold) again temporarily. (Side note: when my AC works properly, it has always made a sort of clicking noise when I shut it off, but when it is blowing warm air it doesn't do that.) My building manager had an AC repair technician come out, and he supposedly looked at the unit on the roof and in the closet in my apartment and said everything was fine. The filter is new as well.

Since this started, I've been turning the AC off every couple of hours, but now I'm getting warm air more frequently, and I can't get the temperature below 76 (even at night, when it's in the 70s-low 80s. Also, the cool air that I do get feels humid rather than cold.

I'm hoping another technician is coming out today, so any suggestions I can ask him about are greatly welcome.


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Welcome to the forums.

If air is always coming out of the ductwork inside..... then the problem is in the outside unit.
The problem caused by a defective condensor fan, a defective start/run capacitor or even be low on refrigerant.

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