Which wall to install a through the wall heatpump unit?


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Which wall to install a through the wall heatpump unit?

Several months ago I ask for help on placement on a through the wall heat pump unit and ended up mounting as suggested. It has been great through cold and hot periods and I thank you again for your help.
I liked the unit so much I bought another one for downstairs and would like your opinion as to placement.
X1 is a window where an a/c unit sits now and does a decent job as far as location. It would be easier to replace the existing a/c unit with the heat pump in the same location but I thought if it would be more ideal in a different location now would be the time to change it.
Do you think it would be a better placement at x2 or would the heat and moisture from cooking effect the operation of the unit and make the other end of the room uncomfortable?

Thanks so much
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X1 and X2 are both good locations. Placement and power to the outside unit is also a consideration.
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Thanks for the quick reply. This is a one piece unit and not a split. x1 already has power, I would just have to fit the unit to the existing location. x2 is within 10' of my service panel and would just require a new breaker and a short run of wire and then mounting the unit. x2 would be a little more work but the main concern is how it performs down the road. I didn't know if being in the kitchen would be better or worse for the rest of the room. x2 would help as far as watching tv but even x1 location is not too bad for watching tv. x1 is directly behind the tv and with the current a/c running you really don't notice it. Speakers are closer to the person watching tv so it has to be a little louder but that drowns out the a/c.
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If the X1 location is working fine, why change it? You know the old saying, if it ain't broken...

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