How long does it take to disconnect a unit?


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How long does it take to disconnect a unit?

I just had a new roof installed. I have an AC unit on top of the roof that I had to have disconnected for them to do the work. I couldn't do it myself or it would void the warranty.

When I called to make an appointment, they told me it would cost about $100 per trip. Now that they're done, they're saying it was about 6 hours of work and that it will be $600. Does that sound right? Or are they trying to rip me off?
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Without knowing any particulars, I'd say it sounds like it's within a reasonable range. It may very well have required two workers and if it took them 3 hours, that would be 6 hours in total. Beyond that, see if they charged for travel, which could add quite a bit.
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Was there anything wrong with the unit before the roof work was done? Did they explain or tell you what was required to turn off the unit prior to the roof work? Do you have any thing in writing? If the unit had to be moved, then yes I can see the cost justification. Any chance the roofing people did something to unit? Does it need a recharge of coolant? As Tony says without particulars its hard to say if you're being ripped off.
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If this is a packaged unit (everything in one) then it may have needed to have been disconnected completely..... ductwork and wiring..... to be picked up while the roofing was re-done under it and then re-set and rewired.

I think they could have given you a little bit better of an estimate knowing the job would be more than two hours. The total price sounds fair.
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I don't think it was an entire unit. It was the fan. The roofing guys moved it after it was disconnected. They said it was very light. There was nothing wrong with it. They just needed to be able to move it out of the way as they worked. I'll get up on the roof tomorrow and take some pictures.
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If you say it was the fan then it is likely the condensing unit.
Refrigerant needs to be removed or pumped down, refrigerant lines and wiring disconnected, refrigerant lines then reconnected when roof done which usually means brazing and wiring reconnected.
Normally you would install a vacuum pump to remove air and contaminates then recharge refrigerant, adjust refrigerant charge and test that is is working properly.

$600.00 for this sure sounds up and be happy.
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They probably stood on the roof and smoked cigs and played fantasy football on their smart phones for 3 hrs and overcharged you........ LOL. Go take a few pics and post so we can see what they were up against that might actually be a great price.

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