Portable AC unit - might be broken - how/where to repair?

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Portable AC unit - might be broken - how/where to repair?

Hello - I have attached a photo of the type of portable AC unit I have. The model number is CV-13NH. I live in seattle so I generally only really need this guy a couple months out of the year. At the end of last summer it seemed to falter a bit and stopped cooling. I unfortunately do not have a remote control on it so I have to just let it run at default which cools to somewhere in the 60s. Anyways, the last time I used it, it couldn't seem to kick into gear. It would turn on and I could hear the fans running but it never really seemed to "turn over" if that makes sense, and thus only pumped out room temp air instead of cooling it.

I guess my question is more about who do I call to repair this or where can I take it to be repaired? I called SHARP and they basically told me its broken, buy a new one, and hung up on me.....(great customer service ) Since these things run around $500 bucks id rather spend a fraction of that and get it fixed. I just don't know where to take it. I don't know if its silly to call a general AC guy to come to my home and fix it or not?

EDIT: I just fired it up for the first time in about 6 months and it spluttered a bit and then seemed to start working. Its currently pumping out cold air, but I would still like to get it checked before it dies on me in the middle of a heat wave! Thanks for the help!

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Unfortunately, they are not made to be serviced. Just putting gauges on it requires the tech to install line tap valves and that will often cost upwards of $100 alone. Often the aluminum fins of the condenser and evaporator will literally "rot" away from the condensed moisture contact. Parts, when available, are just too expensive and if the compressor goes it will cost more to fix that to buy a new unit.

AND, those "single duct" models are notoriously inefficient. They draw (cooled) room air across the condenser coil and then exhaust it outdoors. That creates a negative indoor pressure and that allows hot (often humid) outside air to enter the house any way it can. For best results with a portable A/C unit ALWAYS specify a two-duct unit that uses outside air for machine cooling.
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I agree.
Some of those units require you to break glued joints to get at the insides making it difficult to reassemble.

These types of units are very good at lasting a long time but are not made to be serviced......unlike units from the 70's......12 screws to fully take apart but always breaking down.

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ahh bummer. Well thanks for the heads up!

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