Evaporator coil location in packaged A/C unit?


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Evaporator coil location in packaged A/C unit?

I am no AC expert, heck I'm not even a novice, but I am rather certain that the AC unit connected to my home is a "packaged AC unit". I say this because it is MUCH large than any other AC unit I've seen, besides the one's on a stores roof. I'd say it's about as long as I am tall, and I'm 5'0. I also say this because best I can tell the thing in my house is filled with crap that appears to only run a heater. (Fan, gas pipe, a box with a switch on it, a thing that says not to open it if it's hot). I also say thing because I looked up packaged ac units and found one that looks identical to mine.
Anyhow my AC has great air flow... stick a piece of paper above the vent and it's flying high in the air. It's just not getting cold. It's cooler than the air in the room and definitely cooler than the air outside, but it's not 60 degrees cool. (yeah, I like it cold, and wanted to see if it was working).
Now I was told the evaporator coil (from what I gathered from google pictures is basically the fin looking things that are under the panel of a window unit just in a much larger scale... Idk I may be looking for the wrong thing) is missing. By my stepdad who just looked at the thing I'm pretty sure is soley for the heater.
Now if the coil was missing would the AC kick on? And if it would kick on without would the air coming out of my vents be even remotely cooler than the air inside or outside? (The temp outside at this moment is 80, the air that was coming out of the vent was 71.2) If it is a packaged unit as I suspect where would I find the coil and how do I clean it? (I've lived here two, now, summer seasons and I haven't cleaned it because I was under the impression it was broken and I don't know how to clean it but tonight, because it's SO HOT in my home, I decided to see if it'd kick on and it did)... And last but not least how do I deduce if it IS indeed a packaged unit?
I'm sorry I probably sound like a dunce, but if you could just help me out I'd really appreciate it! (I promise I'm smart enough to shut the power off to the thing and do what needs to be done if someone could just walk me through it better than google has.)
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Your coil is not missing. why don't you post a photo of your AC unit or at least the model number so that people can help you further.
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Hi, sorry, I didn't think about a model number until after I'd already posted the question... The model number is 48SS-042100331. It's a package unit made my Carrier.
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Here's a link to the manual for your unit: http://pdfstream.manualsonline.com/5...414be0010d.pdf

If you look on page 9, they show a diagram of your unit showing where the condenser and evaporator coils are located. Of course, you need to determine why it isn't cooling properly. While the cause may be a dirty evaporator coil, it could be something entirely different.
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Welcome to the forums.

You indeed have a packaged unit. That means that all the mechanicals are outside and you have ducts connecting that unit to the house.

Have you changed the filter.... recently.... at all ?
There should be a return filter inside the house over the return duct.

Anyhow my AC has great air flow... stick a piece of paper above the vent and it's flying high in the air.
No. All that means is that the condensor fan is running. That is the fan that cools the compressor and condensor coil. That air should be very warm to hot. If it is only mildly warm then it may be time to have the refrigerant charge checked.

How is the airflow out of the registers inside the house ?
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Hi Pete,

As embarrassing as this is going to be I honestly didn't realize there was supposed to be a return duct. Apparently it had been covered up when whomever did the repairs to this trailer fixed the weak flooring. My neighbor cut the return vent back out, so I had to replace the filter in general.But the air is still blowing out hot.

What is a register?

After cleaning the outside unit, having an electrician (my step-dad) look at the wiring as well as the thermostat, cutting out the return vent, and ensuring I wasn't having a "blonde moment" and had the thermostat on heat or something it's still blowing warm air.

It's probably time to give up the self-help and have an A/C person come check the refrigerant, huh? Or can I check it myself? (Hate to sound like a tight wad but single mom, college student, working at a job that barely covers the cost of living being able to cut down expenses is a must. Ha)
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Are the condenser coils clean on the outside unit?there are products out there to spray on them and hose off,also the evaporator coil should be cleaned the same way,.can you post some pics of all sides of the unit?
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