Experience with dampening a/c compressor noise?


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Experience with dampening a/c compressor noise?

I have an LG-brand 6000 BTU 115-Vac window air conditioner that the compressor is ridiculously loud on. Has been since day one, unchanged for about the 18 months it's been in use. According to the sound-meter on my smartphone, measuring from three feet away, when the compressor kicks in, the noise level goes up 9 dbs. If my smartapp is close to correct, that means the compressor is eight times as noisy as the unit's regular racket. Which is ridiculous. When the compressor switches on, it sounds like a jet engine on start-up. It otherwise cools great and holds a steady temp, no noticeable deterioration of performance in the time it's been in use, ...it's just LOUD.

From my research, the two leading candidates are rubber feet under the compressor mount points and a sound blanket around the compressor itself. As for the rubber feet, I haven't had the case open yet (because it's still under warranty) but the effectiveness of something like that would seem to me to hinge on exactly how the compressor is attached. For instance, it it's spot-welded to the case, it's a non-starter. But even bolt-down would seem to diminish the effectiveness of rubber insulators because some vibration is bound to travel through the bolts themselves.

The sound blanket sounds plausible but my main concern with that is what it does for the life-expectancy of the compressor, since it also undoubtedly will hold in heat along with the noise. And just how much noise reduction do I get in exchange for a reduced service life?

Has anyone tinkered with anything like this, specifically targeting the compressor? If so, I'd like to know because I'm about half-way to expiration of the warranty. If I knew someone had managed to significantly reduce compressor noise, I'd give serious consideration to voiding the remainder of the warranty and giving it a whirl.
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The compressors already have rubber vibration eliminators. Blankets will not shorten the life of a compressor.
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Typically the rubber mounting method is four rubber grommets placed in slotted flanges at the base of the compressor. Then there are four hold down bolts or four studs that are welded to the case that pass thru the grommets. No actual metal to metal contact.

There is very little room to add any type of blanket to the compressor.

The cases have become so thin that they resonate and transmit the compressor noise.
Basically..... it is what it is.
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The maker of your air conditioner went to great expense to make the least expensive air conditioner possible.
As suggested not much can be done except replace it with a quieter one.
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May be it is a bad unit. I had an 8000btu LG air conditioner 2 years ago, it was pretty quiet.
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