GE ECM Motors X13 (Model HD42AE232) - Does it require programing?


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GE ECM Motors X13 (Model HD42AE232) - Does it require programing?

I have a Carrier Central Air Conditioner Product number FX4CNF030T00AAAA (model number FX4CNF030).

The AC blower motor may need replacing. It is a GE ECM Motors X13 (Model HD42AE232) with the following specs:
  • GE ECM Motors
  • X13
  • 1PH
  • 60/50 Hz
  • 1/3 HP
  • 208 – 230 V
  • 2.8 A
  • 1050 RPM
  • Electronic Protected
  • Class B
  • Date Code: F09V
  • ROT <--
I found a new old stock OEM AC blower motor/ module (Model HD42AE232) for sale. The motor appears to be exactly like mine.

Does this model of motor require special or additional programming or can it be installed to my Carrier A/C out of the box?
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I'm far from an expert on these things, and what little I do know is more for the ECM2.3 versions (not the X13), so I don't know how much applies. With the ECM2.3 versions, the module is programmed for a specific application. So, a motor for a York would likely be programmed differently from a motor for a Carrier unit. That being said, if the motor you're thinking of buying is programmed for your model Carrier unit, I suspect it should just plug in and run. However, if the motor either has not already been programmed, or has been programmed for another make or model, it may or may not run. Hopefully, Pete or Houston will respond, as they have more knowledge of these things than I do.
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As far as I know..... the module needs to be programmed for the unit it's in.

I spend more time replacing them with a PSC type motor.

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