Loud Air Return

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Loud Air Return

Hi everyone,

We just moved into an "oldish" house and we're having noise issue with our return air vent.

We are also just renting the house and can't really destroy our walls or change their system. When we asked our managers about the issue, we've been told that nothing could be done about it but... well, companies like to keep their money in their pockets and since it's not a real "issue" to them, they don't care much about our comfort. So I was wondering if I could fix the issue myself.

There is a LOUD air noise, to the point we have to turn up the volume to whatever we're listening to if we want to understand it. The metal grille itself isn't the issue, if we remove it, it's just as loud. It's really just the air flow sound. Our desks are right next to this vent and we cannot move them somewhere else in the living room (house design issue). Being on the same side of the wall, the loud noise goes right in our ears.

Is there any way to add a padding inside of it to lower the air volume sound, or it wouldn't change much? Could we just put a sound proofing panel between the vent and the desk, like 40 inches farther away, leave some room at the bottom and the top, also leave all the left side opened? (explanation: look at the "Paint" file) Or would that be really bad for the air flow?

We never had this issue before and don't really know if there's anything to do about it or if it's "the way it is" / how it's made.

If anyone could tell me if there's any solution or if we just have to deal with it, let me know

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That open ended box you propose could help.
It takes distance to reduce fan noise and unfortunately you do not have much of that.

It would not be the best in how the air is returned to the furnace but it may be more quiet if you extend the box higher.
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That noise would indicate the return is to small. Try setting the fan on a lower speed.
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That duct is awful. No wonder its load. Your baffle system look good to me. like Greg said Id make it higher. two feet from ceiling.
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Is it air noise or blower noise?

If air noise, it needs a larger return air filter grille & don't use 1" deep pleated filters. ..!
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That is a bad setup blower is simply too close to the return grille face. I would line the interior of your new return box with a sound absorbing material like this . https://www.soundaway.com/soundproof...m-mat-s/34.htm
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It looks like a pleated filter installed backward.
What size is the filter?
What size is the A/C & furnace?

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