tonage of evaporator coil and condenser unit


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tonage of evaporator coil and condenser unit

I currently have a 3 ton outdoor condenser unit, and 3.5 ton indoor evaporator coil. That is how the home builders installed when the home was built. Now a contractor wants to replace it with a 3 ton outdoor condenser unit, and 3 ton (instead of 3.5 ton) indoor evaporator coil. He said condenser and evaporator coil are made for each other and having same 3 ton indoor and 3 ton outdoor is the correct match. Was the initial builder's install of 3 ton outdoor and 3.5 indoor a mismatch and possible waste of that extra 0.5 ton of indoor evaporator coil resulting in wasted energy? Who is correct? The home builder or the contractor?
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Quick answer is there both right, either one is OK.
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Coils can sometimes have a range of sizes they are approved for, so really both could be right.
Ask for the AHRI match number.
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Sometimes an evaporator coil rated a half-ton larger than the condensing unit is installed for improved humidity control.
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You can not go bigger with 410A. They should be the same tonnage. R22 systems you could go up a 1/2 ton. This was done for airflow. the 1/2 ton extra did nothing for saving money or extra cooling.

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