Split unit - can an inverter unit be too powerful?


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Split unit - can an inverter unit be too powerful?

I know that getting an air conditioning unit that is "too powerful" is bad because the condenser won't run for long enough to de-humidify the room, but is that still true of inverter units that run the condenser continuously on a low setting?

The reason I ask is that I was quoted a ridiculous 4.5k to supply and install a double split unit into my office and bedroom, whereas it'd only be 1.5-2k for a single unit (talking about a Daikin or Mitsubishi R32 top-end unit with a 7 year warranty). I reckon 2.5 kW is enough for the office (27 m3, 2 people, 2 computers) so would a 3.5 kW unit still work effectively whilst giving us enough power to open the doors and let it cool a larger area on hot nights (95 m3 including hallways between the rooms)? The other issue is the bedroom is on the floor above the office and cool air sinks so I am unsure how effective it'd be anyway.

Any thoughts welcome.
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