Post overload, A/C won't turn on nor will furnace


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Post overload, A/C won't turn on nor will furnace

Yesterday we (it wasn't me and I assure you I know better) plugged something into the furnace outlet just for a minute, and it overloaded and the outlet went out (very much a laymen so forgive the wrong terms but I am pretty handy so give me a break). Breaker didn't trip, but I did turn them back on and off. Still nothing for the furnace (yes I have removed the device that was plugged in). So now, neither the furnace nor A/C (separate breaker but I know they're related somehow) will turn on when calling for cooling. Here's what I've tried...

-Flipping all breakers off then on, letting furnace and A/C remain off for an hour + before turning cool back on... nothing.
-Checked A/C fuses with multimeter, both are still good
-Checked A/C capacitor - looks good (I realize I clearly caused this issue, but no idea what typical problems I could've caused, so just going through basic troubleshooting from other forums - judge not if they are wildly unrelated).
-Tested thermostat wiring and confirmed batteries etc.
-Checked all GFCI's one trillion times (although I'm still skeptical there's one in this house I've never found... many electrical quirks with overloaded circuits etc - however NEVER any problems with this circuit or furnace/ac in general - they seemingly did those right).
-Realized furnace outlet itself still isn't working... not sure if this is good since it's likely just an electrical issue rather than furnace, or if I REALLY messed something up since I still can't get it back on.

I'm REALLY resisting calling service, only because I've spent so much time trying to figure it out that I KNOW I can, and I'm about to re-do a bathroom (starting today) and if I have to redirect a bunch of $$ I'm going to lose it. Any thoughts? Is it likely JUST an electrical issue and not an equipment issue or did I likely screw up both? What am I missing?

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What do you mean by “the outlet went out”, if the breaker didn’t trip?
Start checking the source and work your way in, via high voltage to transformer, control voltage, voltage to thermostat, and so on.

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