A/C not cooling...fans are running, compressor is running


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A/C not cooling...fans are running, compressor is running

My ac suddenly stopped cooling yesterday evening. I first noticed yesterday afternoon what sounded like an arcing sound coming from the outside unit which lasted a few min off and on and then stopped. As strange as it was it was still cooling fine so I ignored it/assumed it was a fluke thing. About 4-5 hours later it stopped cooling. I found that the breaker for the outside unit was tripped. I reset to see if it would run or instantly trip again. It fired right up and appeared to be running fine. Outside fan running, compressor running, air handler fan running, new filter, clean coils and evaporator....but still not cooling. Just to double check I tested capacitor and contactor which were fine. My assumption now is maybe low refrigerant but I guess my question is would that cause the unit to suddenly trip a breaker and stop cooling?? I always thought low refrigerant would cause it to not cool properly for a little while and possibly freeze up before it would just quit.
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Most, but not all, condensers have a low pressure cut off switch to protect the compressor if the charge is too low. Go outside to the condenser and feel the two copper lines that connect it to the house. The larger one should be insulated and ice cold and the smaller one should be somewhat warm..... towards hot.
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Burnt wire or blown terminal on compressor? Are you sure the compressor is running and not just the condenser fan motor?
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Major leak

Unfortunately I found the cause of my problems. I had a tech come out to add a charge assuming it was low with a small leak. The refrigerant shot out of the compressor terminal entry as quickly as it went in. I believe they call this terminal blowout. Heat pump was still R22 and it was 24 years old so I suppose it was about time for it to kick the bucket.

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