a/c condensor fan problem


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a/c condensor fan problem

My a/c fan has been acting up for a while now, but more so the last few days. I've tried looking it up and so far everything has led to people saying the capacitor or fan motor. I just want to ask one time myself before ordering a new motor.

Symptoms: Condenser fan will run for 5-20 minutes during the day then stop. Have tried tapping it with a screwdriver to get it going again, but wont start spinning again until after it sits. Have to let it sit for hours for it to run for another 20 minutes. Trying to turn it back on immediately or close to when it quit working results in it stopping again after only spinning for a couple minutes. In the last few days it would work at night once it is cooler outside, just not during the day, but last night it would do the same thing at night as during the day. Once the fan is off I can tap it with a screwdriver and the blade will spin all the way around a few times. Also about half the time I have to tap the fan with a screwdriver when first turning it on to get it going and the other half it will start on it's own.
Also right after it shuts off the metal plate on top right above the condenser motor is hot enough that I can't hold my hand on it for more then a second.

In the middle of all this I did change the capacitor, made sure to mark all the wires and triple check they were hooked up correctly, and once it didn't fix the problem I checked everything again and all the specs multiple times to make sure it was a correct replacement. everything is the same, so that didn't fix it.

Basically I'm assuming it's the condenser fan motor right now, but would like more input. I would call a professional, but currently just ordering the fan is something I can't afford but seems I will have to lol, so trying to make sure it's more than likely what I need.
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Sounds like the limit is opening.
Is the capacitor correct for the motor? Is it wired correctly? Is the voltage correct going to the motor? Is the coil clean?
Once you’ve determined the motor is faulty you may need a blade puller to remove the condenser fan blade. And don’t forget the new capacitor with the new motor.
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Welcome to the forums.

Since you already tried replacing the capacitor.... the problem points directly to the motor. You didn't mention the age of the unit. Try rocking the fan to see if the motor bearing is worn.

As mentioned..... the blades can be a little difficult to remove from the old motor. Use Liquid wrench or PB Blaster to help loosen. DON'T bend the blades or they will need to be replaced too.
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The capacitor is correct, I checked it with the numbers on the side of the old one along with the part number for the central air unit itself, it matches with both, and yes it is wired correctly. I don't have a way to check the voltage. I went through and cleaned the unit as best as i could.

The unit is roughly 20 years old or so. It was installed with the house and to my knowledge has never needed any serious repairs until now. I will try rocking it next time I go out to look at it. Probably going to order the fan motor tonight or tomorrow morning.

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