Did my contractor forget my AC plug?


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Did my contractor forget my AC plug?

I have a horizontal AC unit in my little casita separate from the main house, Fujitsu model ARU12RLF. It has it's own unit attached to the house.
It's only about 9 months old, so i can get the AC company out but given we are in a California heatwave it could take a while.

It's been dripping a lot from the inlet in the ceiling and all over the floor (yellowish water). I went into the crawl space and the drain pipe is open and not connected. You'll see from the pipes there is no pipe to an external drain. The long white pipe to the right does go outside the house, but it's not connected to the drain.

In one of the photos you'll see a drain plug (bottom right) that is not attached.

The instruction manual says use the drain plug if the unit is naturally draining. So my question

1. How do I know if it's naturally draining? If it is, should I just insert the plug onto the drain and then test it again?
2. If it's not naturally draining, then I have a bigger issue in that the drain was never connected, which would be a huge issue the contractor needs to fix

Thanks in advance, I tried to lay everything out as clearly as i can.

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Welcome to the forums.

A sloppy installation job. I labeled your picture with the drain line. That line should drain outside. The cap on the air handler should be in place. A properly working drain/trap doesn't need air to be let in. If that air handler is not in a conditioned air space then it should have a drain pan under it as it will sweat unless fully insulated.
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Thanks very much from the reply .

So if I out the black cap on the exposed one (that was dripping,) it should be ok as is? That being the case , I should out a tray under where the black cap is in case of smallleakage?

Again, I appreciate the response.

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