How to tell if my system is over/ under charged?

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How to tell if my system is over/ under charged?

My registers would feel cool for about an hour then nothing. I checked my coil inside my house and it was frozen over. Call the repair guy and he put in 2 lbs of R22. I took a picture of his manifold for the heck of it. I got to reading that if you overfill a system, it can damage your compressor, I'm including a picture of his gauge after he had finished up.
From my research, you need these temps. Also, my unit is a 3 ton and about 22 years old.
Here are some temps not shown on his thig. Outside temp. was 80, inside was 78 and the unit was running and cooling, Does all this look normal. I didn't get a discharge temp. over the fan.


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Your picture(s) are not visible. You can down load them directly to the board.

Your evaporator coil freezing up inside is an indication of a low refrigerant charge or poor air flow possibly due to a clogged filter.
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Because of the requirement to be certified to work on refrigeration sealed systems we do not discuss that here.

Gauge readings could be helpful to a tech but you do not say that you checked the evaporator coil surface to see if it is clean.
You need to be able to see the upstream side of the coil.
When the airflow moves into the inside of the A coil you may need to open the duct and possibly have to remove the side panel of the coil to see the surface.

Other than checking the coil you really need to get your tech back to see what the problem is.
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You may have a leak and the problem will return whether it's leaking or there's low airflow across the coil.

After a few weeks:

Run the system for 30 minutes and see if there's condensation forming evenly across the coil if it's only at the beginning.

The coil should get condensation evenly and the suction line be cold -> the pipe that's insulated.

Gurgling liquid line can indicate a leak too.

It's basically not possible to tell if a unit is over-charged without getting gauges put on and refrigerant line temperatures measured.

If your guy measured refrigerant line temps and used some sort of chart, it's highly unlikely he overcharged it. If it just winged it and went 100% off of suction pressure, very possibly it's over-charged.

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