AC dripping water but still blowing cold air


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Question AC dripping water but still blowing cold air

So my AC unit in my garage started to drip quite a lot of water from a pipe that is next to the main p-pipe that leads to the drain. I have checked my outside AC fan and it is clean and functioning. I checked the p-pipe and it is clear and not blocked.

I was hoping to check the filters on the garage unit but it doesnt seem to have any, nor does the unit upstairs in the roof space?!? There is no obvious place for a filter.

The AC was on 74 degrees yesterday when the problem first started.

Any ideas how to fix this and/or where the filters are located???

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Are you certain that the condensate drain line is not clogged? That's usually the first thing I check. All of the joints in your line appear glued so I don't know how you checked to see that the trap was clear.
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Welcome to the forums.

Your first three pics are the garage unit. In the second one it looks like the secondary drain was piped out and the primary has the stub on it out front. If you look at the front of the unit..... the primary drain outlet is always slightly lower than the secondary or overflow drain. Water out of the secondary drain lets you know when the primary drain is clogged. Look into that 8" stub off horizontal pipe on the left side. There should be no water in there.

Looking at the first and third pictures...... if there were a filter down there it would be between the return duct and the air handler. It would be directly behind that black pipe seen in the pictures. If there is no filter there.... it will be inside the house behind the return air grill. Remove the large grill and the filter should be hanging on the back. Shut the air off before removing the grill.

The attic unit probably also has one large grill in the ceiling below the air handler. That filter should be behind that grill too.
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UPDATE - i tried to get the panel off above the furnace but after 10 screws removed and bending of metal, there is no filter that is remotely obvious. If there is a filter, it is clearly not designed to be accessed.

Filters in the house are pretty clean with almost no dust in them.

i managed to get access to the condenser and it wasn’t frozen, even if it had somehow managed to melt in the 5 minutes from turning off the AC to opening the panel no water leaked out... Which again points towards a blocked drain rather than frozen condenser.

Next step, a visit to Home Depot for some PVC pipe, a cutter and some glue!

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