A/C squeals when starting up


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A/C squeals when starting up

New to this hoping someone out there can help me out. I have a central air heating and ac in my house, the blower motor went out last winter and was replaced. When the ac starts up, especially after not having ran for a bit, hour or two it squeals very loudly for approximately 15-20 seconds and then it stops. As far as i can tell there are no belts on the blower motor. The squealing comes from the inside of the house, heard throughout the vents so from what little i understand its not a compressor issue. Anyone have any ideas?? Thanks in advance!
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Likely a motor bearing issue - for such a new motor, could be defective.
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It squealed before we got the blower motor replaced too.
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Welcome to the forums.

There really isn't much to cause a squeal other than the motor itself. There is usually a draft inducer blower for when the furnace is heating but it should not be running when in cooling mode. The best thing to do is to open the blower door, hold the safety switch in and see if the noise is coming from the blower motor inside the blower cabinet.
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Could be the blower itself.

We had one where the blower wheel came loose from the shaft and would make loud noise for a few seconds until the speed eqaulized, had never seen anything like that in the past!

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