AC Runs Constantly - Any Solutions?


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AC Runs Constantly - Any Solutions?

Hi everybody,

I currently rent a 2 bed/2 bath in South Florida and have been experiencing some cooling issues. Before I explain what maintenance told me, here's the information I can provide:

• I reside in a corner unit on the 2nd floor (only two stories)
• There's 10 units connected to each other
• Each unit has its own AC
• The living/master bedroom windows face east
• The kitchen/other bedroom windows face west
• There's only one tiny master bathroom window which faces north
• The thermostat (brand new Honeywell RTH111B) reads up to 82F on the hottest days while set on 78F
• The thermostat is located in the hallway between both bedroom doors
• Even when the kitchen and living rooms are cool, the heat seems as if it's trapped inside the bedrooms
• The air handler is in a closet above the water tank which takes a 14x18x1 filter (replaced monthly)
• Unfortunately, no access to the attic since I do not own a ladder
• AC is a Rheem RAKA-024JAZ (MFG 12/2002) situated on paved ground in the southeast corner
• Needless to say, everything is fine at night or when it's cloudy outside during the day

When maintenance visited, they advised I close the ceiling vents in rooms which aren't being occupied to receive the most cooling. They also recommended setting the thermostat down to 72F. As well, they blamed the sun. No outside surroundings for shade. No mention if any work was done to the AC itself in the past (more than likely since it's 15 years old).

The air does blow cold, though not enough to keep the entire apartment at an even temperature. Closing the vents in the kitchen and living rooms kinda helps the bedroom situation, but then every other room becomes susceptible to heat and, from what I understand, can do damage.

Any recommendations? I believe whomever's employed by the complex really doesn't want to be bothered with anything HVAC-related. My electric bill is taking a huge hit due to the above.

Thank you!
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Is this a rental or do you own it?

For rental, see if there are laws stating it has to be able to maintain x temperature. See who deals with landlord-tenant issues in your area.

You should also talk to others in the complex to see if they're having the same problem -> could indicate design or installation problem.

82f is ridiculous and you shouldn't have to play games closing vents and pre-cooling to try and get it comfortable.

The a/c is 2 tons which should be more than enough. The unit is sized to maintain 75F or whatever with the windows in direct sunlight.

They need to get someone out who's competent to properly evaluate this system. So many things can cause performance problems - just to name a few: low airflow caused by dirty blower/filter/coil/undersized cuts, duct leakage/disconnections, refrigerant charge wrong, dirty condenser coil.
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I'm a renter. The lease states:

Keep the thermostat set on the "AUTO" setting (not "FAN") to automatically circulate air in the event temperatures rise to or above 75 degrees during winter months, or 78 degrees during summer months. Relative humidity levels should be maintained under 50% at all times in order to prevent conditions conducive to the growth of mold and mildew.
I've been doing everything right. The thermostat is set to 78F with auto on.

I was able to ask somebody residing on the opposite end of the dwelling if they're experiencing similar issues. According to the other tenant, the sun is beating on the structure without any shade. You can feel the heat traveling. Even the wall is a bit warm to the touch.

Her solution (without any help from the landlord) is to cover all windows with heavy material. So, I went to Walmart, purchased a bunch of those blackout drapes and nailed them all over the inside. That solved the problem for the most part. I'm not suffocating as much as I used to. It's dark but I don't mind.

All maintenance did prior to moving in was install those dinky white horizontal blinds. They actually need to put something up designed for sunny days. Either they know this or simply do not care. Sounds like the latter. I wouldn't bet the farm on them doing anything until a major problem presents itself.

I also wanted to add this place was built in 1983. It may or may not have any relevance to my situation.

Thanks for the input.
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The system cannot maintain the 78 degrees minimum that the landlord demands.... therefore the system is not performing as it should and needs to be serviced by the landlord. I would demand satisfaction. 82 degrees is not acceptable. For that matter...... 78 is just barely satisfactory for comfort.

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