Replacing discontinued blower motor?


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Replacing discontinued blower motor?

I have a furnace blower motor that is getting noisy, and I can't seem to find an exact direct replacement; I attached a photo of the motor's spec's.

1/4 hp
1075 rpm

The closest match I've found is this:

Which appears to match the physical spec's as well as those above, except for the amperage... they do spec the same capacitor though (5/370). I do still need to measure the dia and shaft length (We're in the 100's; it's in use right now)...

Body dia and shaft aside, can I use this Century motor to replace my old GE?
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If the motor diameter, shaft length, and shaft diameter are the same, it will probably work. However, personally I would go with the 1/3HP motor. The amperage is closer and the extra torque won't hurt anything. It costs a few dollars more and will use slightly more electricity (although still less than your current motor), but (in my opinion) it's the "safer" option.
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What's the make and model number of the furnace ?
Most furnace motors are bought in bulk and private branded so that a replacement is not usually found by using the motor model number.
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It's an old Snyder General, either "guf075nda" or "gue075nda" (probably doesn't matter at this point, I'm sure this model has been long discontinued).

Would the extra torque from the 1/3hp have an effect on the unit's structure? I don't know how these were engineered, maybe to handle more torque of larger motors, or maybe just enough...?

Their closest 1/3 HP motor is rated 4.9-6.4 amp, but uses a 7.5/370 capacitor, so the cap that I just bought wouldn't work with it... not that it's a huge deal.

They also have a 1/3 HP motor that is rated 2.6-3.1 amp (lower than their 1/4 hp), but also uses the same 5/370 cap as mine...
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Very interesting... I started doing some digging regarding what to match; hp or amps... I came across this heated thread where the pros were pretty well divided, although it seemed that they might lean toward matching (or exceeding) rated amps:
Matching motor amps

In it, I found a link to a pdf by a motor manufacturer, that stated this:

"Matching ampere rating is usually more accurate than matching horsepower."

Then, thinking I had found my answer, I did another quick re-worded search, and came across this page, which happens to be by Century, the motors I'm looking at:

At the beginning It seems to concur with matching the amps, until you get to this part:

"In other cases, however, comparing amps may be misleading. The comparison process tends to break down when the motors in question are single-phase models where there is a wide range of efficiencies common for a single design... As motor manufacturers become increasingly sensitive to the energy efficiency issue, they work hard to develop motors that deliver higher power while consuming the same or fewer watts. That efficiency may or may not be reflected in the amp rating of the motor. For the service technician, this generally means placing more importance on comparing the horsepower of certain motors rather than comparing amps of the replacement to the original."

This is a 1-ph motor, so now I'm leaning back toward HP...

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