Portable AC unit not turning on


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Portable AC unit not turning on

I have an Issimo Pure 12 (the older version of this one: Issimo 2 12 | Olimpia Splendid) and it hasn't been used for a couple of years since we moved office. Its lovely and warm in the UK at the moment so I thought I'd crack it out.

It had an EU plug on it, so I chopped that off and put a 13A UK plug on it and then plugged it into the wall expecting some cool air to stop the kiddies from melting down. The unit would not turn on. So I swapped the plug out, to see if it was the plug, still no power to the unit.

I assumed the wire might be broken along its length, so took the bottom of the unit off and tested for continuity between the plug and all three strands of the wire (N, L and Earth), and it showed continuity fine.

I next thought the button on the front might be broken, so I took the front apart and tested the switch, and that does as expected and shows continuity when pushed.

What else could it be? It doesn't even make a flicker. I've looked for some sort of global on/off switch, but there is nothing. Stupid question, but Blue IS Neutral with this device and brown IS Live right? I haven't got them the wrong way around?

Thanks for any help!!
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Are yiu sure it was working when you bought it? Is the fuse in the plug blown? Have you tried it in a different receptacle?
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Hello Ray! Yup, it was working before we moved office - it sat behind my desk for years chundering away. The fuse is fine (as there is continuity between the plug leg, and the back of the machine), and yes, I've tried it in lots of different plug sockets around the house.

I wonder if it was dropped when moved? Even then you'd think it would at least power up?

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