AC drip pan float keeps shutting off the AC.


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AC drip pan float keeps shutting off the AC.

About every day and a half I have to vacuum out the PVC pipe that the float from my AC drip pan is in so the AC can turn back on. I have zero clue what is causing it to back up. The condensation line has no clogs in it. I can see a steady stream/dripping of water coming out of the line outside every time the AC kicks on. Also, if I pour a bottle of water in the top of the line and someone is outside, they can refill up another bottle of water outside very quickly. So the line is clear. And if I go up into the attic/crawl space and look into the vent on the condensation line, I can see the water flowing out. But for some reason the overflow pan will accumulate water and cause the float to shut off the AC even though the line is draining. It is a slow process due to having to vacuum it out every day and a half. Anyone have any suggestions on what to check or how to fix this strange issue before I call a repairman?
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Either the pan is cracked or the unit is freezing up. check for ice before the unit stops running.
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A few pictures of your air handler/drain system would be helpful.

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