Ducting installation- was it done correctly??? PLEASE HELP!!

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Question Ducting installation- was it done correctly??? PLEASE HELP!!

Long story but we live in a 2300sf mobile on permanent foundation and had found mold in and under the home, some areas were extensive since it was found under the subfloor and had gone unnoticed for who knows how long. We hired a mold remediation company who came in and did some mitigation and remediation work but in the process ended up contaminating my ducting the point of it needing to be replaced in its entirety. Originally we had insulated duct board which was held up to the subfloor and contained within the vapor barrier along with the insulation in the crawl space. My mother in law hired a company (one which I was against from the beginning) to replace the ducting which was done with flex ducting. Now since the mold company had come in to do mold removal, they also had removed the contaminated ducting as well as all the insulation under the subfloor due to being wet. So prior to the new ducting being put in, we arranged to have the insulation installed after so that the ducting guys could mount the new duct work to the subfloor where was easiest for them without having to move/pull down/work around anything other than just the electrical/plumbing/gas lines that were already there. After the ducting was in, the following day the insulation was put in and not one word was mentioned to me that the ducting guys had left the ducting, unmounted completely and just left there running on the ground. So now all the homes floor insulation was installed, and none of it contained the new ducting. When the ducting guys were hired we agreed that the ducting would be fully mounted under the subfloor and within the insulation and vapor barrier. I called them after finding out that it wasn’t done like agreed upon and they came back out, spent 10-15 minutes under my house and partially mounted some of the ducting but none of it within the insulation/vapor barrier. I was billed for and paid for it to be done correctly. Basically from day one, this company has just done everything half asked and disregards any concerns I may bring to their attention and the owner tries to constantly find some excuse to why it was done the way it was and that its totally fine like it is. I beg to differ. I need some input from another professional in the field (well, I wouldn’t call him a professional…) so when I go to him again over the mistakes they have made (this is not the first, they've been back to correct things and finish things that were left incomplete over 5 times now) , so that I have some credible information to back my position in this when I will undoubtedly be met with another excuse for the lack of quality in their work. So my questions :
  1. Should the ducting be left on the ground under the home in a crawlspace where rodents/pests/ other animals could easily damage it or mounted off the ground?
  2. Should the ducting be mounted and have the insulation around the ducting and be contained within the vapor barrier of the crawlspace with the insulation so the heat/cold air isn't lost while running to the far ends of the home?
  3. Or is it okay for the ducting to be partially mounted and only in certain areas, but on the outside of the vapor barrier? (one would think that it could still be too accessible for any rodent/pests since not being surrounded within a sealed/contained space like it was originally. Also I happen to live in the middle of the orange groves where its extremely hot during the summer and have fields surrounding me with all kinds of different animals running around here that could potentially get under my home)
Any input on my situation would prove helpful right now. I've done a fair amount of research but I'm not a professional and don’t do this for a living so anyone with a history in this field, your thoughts and advice on how to handle my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!! - Holly
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I won't comment on the installation or fix since I'm not qualified for this type of thing. But I will tell you to get legal help and an independent contractor (perhaps the original home builder or a mobile home builder (and offer to pay them for their written opinion of fault and remedy)). Take lots of pictures and document every little thing.
Stop any and all payment if possible. Contact the BBB and you state attorney general office. Make all complaints in writing. And keep copies of everything. You might also look at the health concern about how the work was done.

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