Brand new Goodman furnace high limit switch error


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Brand new Goodman furnace high limit switch error

I have seen some older posts with this problem but the unit was installed for years. Ours is a brand new system. First time use this winter.
Situation: this is an 80% gas furnace with metal flue. Have replaced limit switch and main controller board. Still receiving E3 error code. Tested by removing air filter and front furnace door. System turns on and runs through start up cycle. Igniter lights up a few seconds later, no gas is being pushed into the system. Igniter turns off and fan runs through cycle.
I do not believe it is a flow issue. All vents are open and additional vents were added at time of installation. This same error code situation occurred prior to replacing controller board and limit switch. HVAC people I have talked with are stumped.
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Was it tested when installed? If a real HVAC installer they can escalate with Goodman. Otherwise they should replace the unit for free. Problem usually is that most of the Craigslist techs don't know what they are doing.

Could be mis-wired internally or a pinched/shorted wire.
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Welcome to the forums.

A 3 flash error is a pressure switch issue. You won't usually get a startup and then that code.
Usually that code is there from the start of a call for heat after the inducer starts.

The pressure switch needs to be checked with a manometer.

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