HVAC Evaporation Cleaning Advice


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HVAC Evaporation Cleaning Advice

Hi Everyone,

I wasn't able to find my specific HVAC on this website or forum, and looking at my HVAC I have no idea where my coils are located. This thing is likely from the 90s or late 80s.

I noticed an on/off musty smell coming from my vents. My bet is its the coils since the vents were cleaned 2-3 years ago and I'm unsure when the coils were (I'd guess YEARS since the prior owner didn't take care of the place...finding new surprised every day).

Based on the 3rd image of this post I think it's here, but the A/C lines are running into it so I don't think I can remove that panel and I didn't see anything in the back to let me in as well.

The 4th photo (with the company logo) just has the motor and cpu parts in it so I can't access or see anything there.

Based on these photos do you think it would make sense to just call someone to clean them? I'm just afraid of 1) trying to disassemble this and then it not working or 2) somehow finding the coils and then not knowing how to remove it safely if I can't access both sides of it to clean properly.

If not any advice would be awesome. I'm trying to DIY stuff as best I can and I really would hate to shell out hundreds of dollars for something if its simple. I'm pretty sure if I call someone they'll just tell me to replace the HVAC since its so old.

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Welcome to the forums.

I labeled one of your pictures. The red area is the coil and the blue is the drain pan.
Possibly that side may come off as the holes look quite large and are putty sealed.
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Oh sweet thanks! This is a dumb question, but do I just cut the tape, undo the screws, and shimmy the metal back gliding them along the pipes? When I saw the pies going right into it, I thought "well no way in hell can I hope this thing....especially with the putty there"
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Hi, have you checked your filter? based on the way that unit is sealed up your filter should catch any dirt going through, leaving your coil clean. Use a good quality pleaded filter, not a cheap fiberglass .
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Hi Geo, I'll check it, but I replaced it near the beginning of December 2018. I bought the best brand at the store, so I'm hoping it's still in good shape.

What's weird is that the musty smell came/went for a day and now it's gone...I was going to get an air purifier and put it near the HVAC to see if that helps a little as well.

I guess my biggest issue at the moment is that I don't see a way to get inside my Furnace without cutting a new hole in it to get in since the coil and drain pan pipes are on the removable opening.

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