Two AC Wall Mount Units - Freezing Question


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Two AC Wall Mount Units - Freezing Question

Hello all,

I wonder if some experts can sort of give me some ground truth on these units and what causes freeze up.

I know the usual, low Freon in itself can cause that but here's the run down on my units, mind you, just had them replaced with two new units recently where the old set up never froze. Now, the old set up was also insufficient in size and worked like crud too.

So, I have a rancher home with two substantial rooms upstairs, with the dormers, slanted ceilings and as is typical, the main AC doesn't get up there well (built in 1958).

I had two 12K BTU units (each) by YMGI installed (understand the compressor guts are Mitsubishi) with a compressor matched to support.

They are about 3 months old. The compressor sits on one side of home, all lines routed up the outer wall, punching in to second floor, placing the near room probably about 20 feet from the compressor (distance in terms of the lines). The second passes further to opposite side to the second room, making it probably as far as 40-50 ft.

We've already noted that they have to be in the same mode (heat or AC) and seemingly both must be on, but the one that is closer blows cooler. Maybe that's expected.

The problem is, the closer one tends to freeze up rather fast and when first used, to the point it was no longer blowing before realizing and turning all off. I had the AC rep come charge with Freon and ensure levels were correct but it is still freezing up.

Now, we made a conscious decision while installing in Jan 19 to hold off until spring to check the levels since the units came precharged and heat was working fine. I only point this out so we aren't turning in the direction of leaks, etc.

Hope this was not too much detail but can someone tell me what causes this?

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Yes.... low on a charge can cause a freeze up issue but those split units usually have sensors on the indoor coils that won't allow the coil to ice up .

Is there a model number for the YMGI system ?
It sounds like the installer doesn't know the equipment.
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This is the equipment and where I got it:

Info reads as:
Ecotech Present this YMGI Dual Zone Ductless Mini Split System offer total 24000 BTU output with two wall mount indoor handlers at 12000 BTU each
POWER BY MITSUBISHI COMPRESSOR rate this system at 22 SEER efficiency which maximize your investment for the long term
ADVANCE HEAT PUMP TECHNOLOGY Enable this system for Cooling Heating and Dehumidification
DC INVERTER TECHNOLOGY enable compressor automatically adjust fan speed in cooling and Heating Mode. The compressor will automatically stop when set temperature is reached and restart again when temperature changes
Low Ambient Outdoor Working Temperature 0F for Cooling and -4F for Heating

This System Includes
Outdoor Condenser unit: WMMS-30CH-V2B(59)4 Qty: 1
Indoor Wall Mounted Unit: WMMS-12EW-V2B(59)2 Qty: 2
Wireless Remote control Qty: 2
Installation Lineset: Included at 25ft for each indoor unit

AHRI certified with trusted quality
Mitsubishi Compressor
22 SEER Efficiency and variable speed DC inverter Technology
Eco-friendly R410A refrigerant pre-charged
Remote controller for each indoor unit
Low Ambient Outdoor Working Temperature 0F for Cooling and -4F for Heating
Digital LCD display, Turbo mode, 3 fan speeds
Auto level swing louver, Wide angle air distribution, Auto Restart,
Dry coil mode for anti-mildew protection
Super Quite with 56 db(A) at sound level
Auto Restart for sudden power cut and return
Cleanable air filter
Auto Start with Power failure recovery
Self-diagnosis and Auto-Protection Function

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